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This DEL light tube offers nothing short than 16 different colour modes to create a unique, soothing atmosphere every time. This effervescent light will stimulate your child's senses, helping him to calm down more quickly, relax or fall asleep. Include it in your sensory space by mounting it on the wall or placing it on the floor on its base - either way, the light show will be impressive. 

If you're in the mood to party, launch the music mode, which coordinates the light show with the sounds of your favourite song.

  • Educational: aids in socio-emotional learning through sensory exploration 
  • Sensory: provides a fascinating and realistic visual and auditory experience 
  • Adaptable: can be floor-standing or wall-mounted

Wavewand Light Tube

SKU: 4244000
Expected within 1-2 weeks from time of order
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