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The 3 kg weighted blanket provides a proprioceptive sensory stimulation that offers a deep soothing effect on the body and mind. Its evenly distributed weight exerts deep pressure that increases the secretion of serotonin and melatonin, natural hormones of happiness and sleep. Its proprioceptive effect soothes excess energy, calms, and helps to relax for a restful sleep.  

It will be your best friend during an anxious period or on the eve of a stressful day, moments when sleep is sometimes more difficult to find. The relaxing effect will help you fight insomnia. A must for light sleepers and those who toss and turn in their bed. Not to mention that it is like a big hug with its benefits such as relaxing the nervous system; it gives a sense of security.  

  • Sensory: its extra-soft texture provides a soothing effect, for a better sleep 
  • Practical: it is easy to clean 
  • Versatile: allows you to apply this deep pressure on different parts of the body, in addition to being adjustable as needed

Fiora Weighted Blanket - 3KG - 104x152cm

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