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Welcome to Inclusive Perspectives, where the comfort and well-being of children and youth with varying abilities is our focus! We know it can be difficult during transitions, especially to new places, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your families transition to and from our space more seamless. 

About our space

Our colour scheme is kept very neutral to ensure that no one is overwhelmed when they walk inside! As a neurodivergent person myself, I understand that sometimes colours can be intimidating in some spaces. We have utilized light pastels, and various lighter shades of neutral tones throughout, this includes our materials.

About the owner!

As a mom of a child with autism, I find it is so important to have local inclusive sensory friendly spaces. Since the beginning of our Autism journey, we have rarely found ourselves fortunate enough to be in a space where our son felt comfortable from the second he walked in, until we left. We have always found ourselves returning to the car for his noise-cancelling headphones or fidgets, or leaving after 10-15 minutes from him being so overwhelmed. Our goal with Inclusive Perspectives, is to create a safe space for children and youth with diverse abilities and their families to enjoy and connect with others, while providing the necessary tools that they may need during their visit. No need to return to your cars or making a quick stop home; we will provide all resources needed! If you find that we do not have what you need during your visit, please let us know as we may have it tucked away, or we will have it ready for your next stop in!

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